Your Bargaining Committee nominees are in!

You may vote only for the representative for your section on the committee. If there is only one candidate for your section, they are deemed the winner and you do not need to vote.

Voting will be in-person only. If you need transportation to vote, or have any questions related to the election, please reply to this message and a United Library Workers member will be in touch soon!

You may vote for your bargaining committee representative at the following times at the USW Headquarters, Downtown (60 Blvd of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222):

October 17: 8-10 a.m.
October 17: 6-8 p.m.
October 18: 8-10 a.m.
October 18: 6-8 p.m.; simultaneous with a ULW meeting, to be followed by vote count and announcement of results

A huge thank you to our volunteer ULW Tellers, Chair and Recording Secretary for stepping up and ensuring that votes are counted accurately.

Meet the Bargaining Committee Nominees

Office of Programs and Partnerships & System Wide Flexible Team (formerly Substitute Pool)

Emily Miller - Librarian
I have worked at CLP for almost 9 years, starting in the substitute pool (now SWFT), then as a clerical specialist at a branch, then a library assistant at Main, and for the past 4 and a half years as an outreach librarian in the OPP. My varied experience has given me the perspectives and knowledge to represent all workers at CLP, and I am honored to have been nominated.

Library Support Center

Rachel Kottler - Clerical Specialist
I believe in the value of a united workforce and the importance of a safe, supportive work environment. I am committed to creating a strong union, listening to all voices at LSC, and negotiating a contract that will reflect our priorities.

Dan Van Triest - Librarian
I believe that people should vote for me because I am deeply dedicated to protecting my fellow bargaining unit members' interests in terms of compensation, terms of employment, and working conditions and to making sure the contract works for all parties.

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Julia Mente - Readers' Advisor
I have been a passionate member of the Organizing Committee of the United Library Workers for a year—and I am confident that we can win a contract that benefits all library workers at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. I am committed to dedicating my time and energy to listening to workers about the issues that we face at LBPH as well as throughout the whole system in order to bargain for a contract that reflects our needs.

Branch Librarians

Rachel Masilamani - Librarian - Downtown & Business
Ten years of experience as both a Library Assistant and Librarian at CLP - Downtown & Business, and my previous grant-funded position in six CLP Branch locations, have shown me that my coworkers know their work well, and can articulate what they need in order to be more secure and respected on the job. As a member of the Bargaining Committee, I will work hard to amplify staff voices, and ensure safety and security while advocating for fairness. I am committed to listening to branch Librarians and finding common ground with staff and management so we can all do our best for patrons.  

Branch Library Assistants

Eli Straussman - Library Assistant - Downtown & Business
I have been a tireless advocate of CLP since I was a child. As a prospective representative on the bargaining committee I pledge to work for a more equitable, sustainable, and innovative library for generations to come. I look forward to listening to all of your concerns and wishes regarding the contract.

Camden Yandel - Library Assistant - East Liberty
Over the past four years, I’ve worked for CLP as a library assistant in three different roles: as a part-time teen specialist at the Hill District, as a full-time outreach specialist with LYNCS, and currently as a full-time teen specialist at East Liberty. While my focus in all of these roles has been to serve and mentor teenagers, I’ve witnessed first hand how important our Library and its resources are to our patrons of all ages, and I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible people who have a contagious passion for serving the public and promoting literacy and learning as intrinsic parts of everyday life. I love working for the Library, and I love my coworkers, which is why I’m running for the bargaining committee. All of us work hard to make sure our patrons’ needs are met, and I know that together we can fight to make sure that our needs are met, too.

Branch Clerical Workers

Amy Dwyer - Clerical Specialist - Downtown & Business
I have worked at CLP for 3 years now, and have seen the input of my fellow clerical workers ignored again and again, only to have to clean up the mess ourselves. If we are responsible for the outcome, we should get a say in our procedures and policies. I'm a practiced debater, a great listener, and a master problem-solver, and I'm confident I will represent the clerical branch staff well if elected.

Kira Yeversky - Clerk - Homewood
I have spent the last eight years as a clerk at CLP Homewood, and in that time I've seen plenty of promises to change - but nothing has really gotten better for staff. I believe all employees at CLP deserve a voice on the job, fair treatment, and a living wage. We are the library's most important resource; I'm excited for the chance to create a contract that values our hard work.

Main Librarians

David King - Librarian - Music, Film & Audio
I believe that Carnegie Library employees deserve fair pay, equitable treatment and a real voice on the job. I have worked since the beginning of our union campaign to make that a reality, and I will continue to do so as your bargaining committee representative.

Jessica Smith - Librarian -Teen
I am running to ensure a fair representation of all staff to determine our library's future, and bring with me unionized public library experience that I feel will add to the bargaining committee's benefit. I have worked for CLP for over 7 years, and want only the best for this organization and its staff, without compromising all the good we have done for our community. By having me represent the librarians of Main Library, I bring with me an intellectual diversity of opinion from those who have started the union, a fresh set of eyes and a big-picture mindset of how the decisions made now will affect staff, volunteers and patrons down the road.

Main Library Assistants & Clerical Workers

Paula Kepich - Digitization Technician II
I have been working at CLP for 38 years. During my career, I have had many job responsibilities and I have become very knowledgeable of the Library’s collections and services. I have a good understanding of policies and procedures, and I adapt well to changes as they develop. I am always willing to provide help or assistance when needed to my co-workers in solving problems and/or helping to accomplish a task. In addition to interacting with staff from various departments throughout Main Library, I also work with and interact with staff at the Library Support Center, CLP Branch Libraries, and the District Libraries. I am also the Liaison for processing off-site Depository Requests. As a dedicated employee, along with my broad knowledge of library collections and services I have gained lots of experience and skills, I would be happy to be the representative for Main Library Assistants and Clerical Staff.

Andrew Muse - Senior Clerk
I started as a page in the Hill District, then as a part-time clerk in Shelving Services, and am now a full- time clerk in Customer Services. After seven years of experience as a member of CLP's support staff, I have come to understand that workers are an integral part of making any department work. As representative for Main Library Assistants and Clerical Staff, I will work with you and the Library to ensure that our rights are recognized as an integral part of what makes CLP work.

Main Support Departments (Communications & Creative Services, Digital Strategy, External & Government Relations, Facilities, Finance and Administration and Information Technology)

Jesse Dilaura - Development Associate
I have been with the Library’s Development Department since 2012. My fundraising work gives me an intimate understanding of the Library’s financial resources and limitations. I believe I offer an important perspective to the bargaining unit based on this knowledge. If selected by the Main Support Staff, I promise to provide regular transparent updates on the bargaining process and to fight for a contract that tangibly improves the lives and working conditions of CLP’s employees. I’m happy to meet with anyone in the Library who wants to express hopes or anxieties about the process.

Meeting Times Survey

Thank you to those of you who already filled out this survey to help make meetings easier to attend and increase participation and engagement. We are seeking more responses so we can figure out the most convenient meeting time for the greatest amount of people, how many people would be interested in child care during meetings, and any other accommodations that may be necessary for people to attend.

Upcoming Events

Communication & Action Team (CAT) Start Up
Friday, October 11; 6-8 p.m.
USW Headquarters, Downtown (60 Blvd of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222)

If you are ready to play an active role in the way our new union works, this meeting is for you! How can we communicate, advocate and support one another better? Get together and join the discussion.

Election Times Reminder
October 17; 8-10 a.m.
October 17; 6-8 p.m.
October 18; 8-10 a.m.
October 18; 6-8 p.m.; to be followed by vote count and announcement of results.
USW Headquarters, Downtown (60 Blvd of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222)

In addition to the vote count, and announcement of results, we will discuss open bargaining and topics that are generally covered in contracts, so we can all gain familiarity with contract language.